Hermann Göring Hochzeitsdolch

TitleEhrengabe der Luftwaffe an Generalfeldmarschall Göring
Sketch dated1935
Year of adoption1935
ManufacturerC.Eickhorn, P.Muller
Publications«Eickhorn Kundendienst»
SourcesFrederick J.Stephens

Except daggers Casberg created the individual sketches of edged weapon. In 1935 his sketch was used by the firm C.Eickhorn to produce a present for Hermann Göring - the Wedding Sword. Casberg managed to embody in this sword a lot of symbols important for Göring. This sword was custom made and presented to the groom on occasion of his second marriage. The crossguard features the Luftwaffe insignia, the stylized pommel features the order Pour Le Mérite which Göring was awarded during the First World War time. The sword was richly encrusted with germs and gold-plated elements. The scabbards were covered with light-blue sharkskin imitating the color of the Luftwaffe parade uniform.