Offiziersäbel «Prinz Eugen»

Title Offiziersäbel «Prinz Eugen» Modell #1765
Sketch dated 1935 (?)
Signature Void
Organization Wehrmacht Heer
Year of adoption ca.1938
Manufacturer C.Eickhorn
Publications «Eickhorn Kundendienst» #1765
Sources Dante Gambino, SMG War Relics.

Casberg also designed several sabers. One of the most worthful is considered to be the saber "Prinz Eugen" which refers to the "Field Marshal" series by Carl Eickhorn. The series included 9 sabers each of which was named after one of German outstanding personalities. These names were expected to become a symbol for the Wehrmacht officers. The sabre "Prinz Eugen" was named after the famous general of the Holy Roman Empire - Eugene of Savoy. Despite the fact that the pommel of the saber has a common form of the Dove Head, the overall design of the hilt makes it one of the most prominent sabers not only of the field marshal series, but also of all German officer's sabers. Sabers were produced both gilded and in white color. Materials aluminum, wood, black celluloid. Stamped ornament features a few decorative elements that highlights austere design. The shield features a unique eagle with outstretched wings that gradually form the cross-guard. The reverse shield features a large field for engraving. The blade is polished; the scabbard is black featuring one fitting.