Heer Offiziersäbel Modell 1715

TitleWehrmacht Heer Offiziersäbel, Modell 1715
Sketch datedUnknown
OrganizationWehrmacht Heer
Year of adoptionca. 1936 (?)
Publications«Eickhorn Kundendienst»

The author of the design of this sabre is not reliably known, but some decorative elements feature strong resemblance to the model "Prinz Eugen", which gives the opportunity to refer this saber presumably to Casberg`s works. The blade is steel, nickel-plated. The emblem on the crossguard features a relief image of crossed swords. The ornately shaped and lavishly decorated shackle connects the crossbar to the pommel. The backrest covering the back side of the grip gradually forms the pommel decorated with the eagle. The grip is wrapped with twisted brass wire along grooves. All elements of the guard are gilded. The scabbard is constructed of steel, painted black, has the ferrule with a ring, a clip for a hanger and a shoe.