Reichsbahn Dolch

TitleReichsbahn Dolch
Sketch dated1940 (?)
SignaturePattern 4.1
OrganizationDeutscher Reichsbahn
Year of adoption1940
PublicationsUniformen Markt 1.03.1941
SourcesLTC (RET.) Thomas M.Johnson «Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich», dagger featured Thomas Wittmann

The Railway Direction Leader`s Dagger, model 1940 was authorized for wear by officials in the rank of Obersekretär and higher. This model can be considered the last among daggers worked out and authorized for the organizations of the Third Reich. Though this dagger was officially introduced, it was not mass produced. In 2010 the presumed prototype of the dagger produced by C.Eickhorn from Casberg`s sketch was introduced by Thomas Wittmann during the MAX show.