Hirschfänger für Oberförster

TitleVorschriftsmässige Hirschfänger mit Elfenbeinschalen
Sketch dated1940 (?)
SignaturePattern 4.1
OrganizationDeutsche Försterei
Year of adoptionunadopted
ManufacturerC.Eickhorn, WKC, E.&F.Hörster
SourcesThomas E. Mount II and Dante Gambino, SMG War Relics

The Imperial Forestry Lieder`s Dagger was authorized for senior foresters and forest industry officials. The design of the dagger was not regulated by strict standards, that is why they could differ with individual characteristics depending upon the manufacturer. This sketch was probably designed by Casberg for the company C.Eickhorn. The dagger on Casberg`s sketch looked more decorated and embellished compared to patterns of the Forestry Dagger produced in that period.