Inseln des Eros

Title Inseln des Eros. Mit 1 Porträt des Verfassers und 1 Faksimile
Author Adolf Brand; Edwin Bab; P.Casberg-Krause
Year 1905
Publishing house Edwin Bab, Berlin
Signature Pattern 1.3
Number of pages 71
Number of illustrations 9

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

The exclusive artful edition of Adolph Brand's poetry “The Islands of Eros” (germ. “Inseln des Eros”) for a closed establishment of members of the “Society of Special”, which advocated the idea of public recognition of male intimate relationships and promoted the cult of youthful male beauty. The collection includes poems that were published at various times on pages of issues of the magazine "Der Eigene". The collection was printed on laid paper in the form of a manuscript, each copy was signed by the author and intended exclusively for each members of society. The design of the collection is by Paul Casberg.