RAD Haumesser

TitleHaumesser für Unterführer
Sketch dated-
SignaturePattern 4.1
OrganizationReichsarbeitsdienst, RAD
Year of adoptionReichsarbeitsdienst, RAD
Year of adoption1934
ManufacturesC.Eickhorn, Alcoso, Carl Jul. Krebs, Böker Heinrich & Co., E.D. Wüsthof, Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Emil Voos, RBS, Hörster E. & F. Co., Robert Klaas, Axt und Hauerfabrik, PUMA, WKC
SourcesLTC (RET.) Thomas M.Johnson «Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich», dagger`s image taken from the forum warrelics.eu user Gastvrijheid

The Labor Service Hewer, model 1934 was authorized initially for wear by all ranks, while after adoption of the officer`s model in 1937 it became a part of the uniform of enlisted personnel. Black scabbards featured a mouth and a chape decorated with Labor Service insignia – the swastika on the spade with ears. The blade had the form of a machette with a narrow fuller and inscription on the blade: “Arbeit Adelt” ("Labour ennobles"). The hewer was supplemented by a leather hanger with a buckle.