TeNo Führerdolch М1938

TitleFührerdolch für die Technische Nothilfe
Sketch dated1936 (?)
SignaturePattern 4.1
OrganizationTechnische Nothilfe, TeNo, TN
Year of adoption1938
PublicationsEickhorn advertising poster 1936, "Die Deutsche Polizei"#1.1939
SourcesD.B.Landers, W.P.B.R. Saris

The Technical Emergency Corps Officer`s Dagger, model 1938 was authorized for wear by all officers of the TeNo Corps in the rank of the Stabsführer and higher. Despite the actual date of adoption of this dagger the design had been created by Paul Casberg in 1936. The image of a cogwheel, symbolizing the connection of the corps to the technical process, decorated the pommel and the hilt. The crossguard was stylized in the form of the spread winged national eagle with the corps insignia over the swastika. The barrel-shaped twisted grip featured six parallel horizontal grooves. The grip was of ivory color. Two different types of hangers were used with this dagger: the early – black straps with silver stripes. The corps insignia decorated round buckles. The straps were fixed with karabiners to the scabbard rings; the late pattern represented black fabric straps with silver stripes or brown leather stripes with round buckles decorated with the cogwheel ornament.