Title Standarte für motorisierte Pioniereinheiten
Organization Wehrmacht Heer
Size 50 х 71 см
Sketch dated Not known
Year of adoption 1936
Signature Not known
Sources Auction Hermann Historica

The standard for motorized engineer divisions of the Wehrmacht was made of pieces of heavy bluish-black silk, black stripes symbolizing the rays of the Iron Cross with swastikas between the beams. The center of the standard was made of white cloth and was decorated with the eagle encircled with an oak leaves wreath, holding the swastika in his talons. All segments of standards had been carefully embroidered by hand with thick silk threads, twisted threads and featured some differences in embroidery technique that reflected the individual style of each embroideress. The reverse embroidery and all the elements were mirrored. The color of the cloth matched the individual color of each unit of the armed forces, for example, banners and flags of infantry divisions of the Wehrmacht were made of white color. Panels were framed with a thin section of a fringe of twisted spun with loops at the ends. Flags were identical in design and differed from banners only with a square shape. The eagle with the swastika and oak leaves motif was repeated on plaques of the flag pole ribbon.