Heer Offiziersäbel «Roon»

TitleWehrmacht Heer Offiziersäbel «Roon» Model 1716
Sketch datedUnknown
OrganizationWehrmacht Heer
Year of adoption1936 (?)
Publications«Eickhorn Kundendienst» Modell 1716
SourcesLTC (RET.) Thomas M.Johnson «Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich»

This saber from the "Field Marshal" series was named after Albrecht von Roon - a count, German military leader and statesman, the Prussian Field-Marshal-General. Perhaps, owing to unremarkable personality of the Field Marshal the sabre that bears his name is probably the most ordinary in the field marshal series of sabers. The pommel features Dove Head style, the crossguard features engraved ornament. Despite the high quality of workmanship, the sabre looks the most modest compared to other sabers in this series. This sabre can be presumably credited to Paul Casberg`s works.