Hirschfänger für Förster

TitleHirschfänger für Förster
Sketch dated1940 (?)
OrganizationDeutsche Försterei
Year of adoptionUnadopted
ManufacturerC.Eickhorn (?)
SourcesRock Island Auction

The Imperial Forestry Junior Staff Dagger was authorized for forester`s assistants. The design of these daggers featured minor differences as well. The essential difference of this dagger from the senior rank`s one was the material of the grip. Ivory was the privilege of the senior officials, while the assistant`s grip was made of horn and was also decorated with plates on both sides featuring vertically arranged three oak leaves. This sketch is mostly identical to Casberg`s sketch of the Forestry Lieder`s Dagger, that was signed by the artist. Unfortunately this sketch was not approved. The dagger on Casberg`s sketch looked more decorated and embellished compared to patterns of the Forestry Dagger produced in that period.