Siegerpreise für die SA-Reichswettkämpfe

Organization SA
Dimensions 152 x 173 cm
Sketch dated unknown
Year of adoption 1937
Signature void
Sources The House of History GmbH, Third Reich Arts

By order of the Supreme SA-Command Paul Casberg designed three magnificent prize awards, plaques, for participants of the SA sports competitions: for winners as well as second and third prize winners in various disciplines. The competition took place in Berlin in 1937 at the Olympic stadium to demonstrate mastery in team competitions and gains of military-applied sports. All plaques had the same design: the obverse side was decorated with a large eagle with outstretched wings framed by a wreath of oak leaves and the SA insignia at the bottom. The center of the reverse side featured the place taken surrounded by the inscription "The SA-Imperial Competitions Berlin 1937" and the SA insignia at the bottom. The winner`s plaque was on a holder. Rich design of the document certifying the award featured a large eagle at the top of the document and a frame featuring alternating ornament of oak leaves and the SA-insignia.