Title Turnier-Album
Year 1920
Printing house Turnier-Verlag Reinhold Kühn, Berlin
Technique Etching
Dimensions 37 × 33 сm
Signature Pattern 4.2, 4.3
Sources Honordagger collection, eBay

The album of 12 artworks featuring the best participants of the Frankfurt equestrian tournament. Each etching was titled, numbered and signed by Casberg. Lithografie Nr. 1 ~ Mappe Turnier "Eignung" Lithografie Nr. 2 ~ Mappe Turnier "Dressur" Lithografie Nr. 3 ~ Mappe Turnier "Doppelrick" Lithografie Nr. 4 ~ Mappe Turnier "Hackney Einspänner" Lithografie Nr. 5 ~ Mappe Turnier "Hackney Dreispänner" Lithografie Nr. 6 ~ Mappe Turnier "Graben" Lithografie Nr. 7 ~ Mappe Turnier "Im Herrensattel" Lithografie Nr. 8 ~ Mappe Turnier "Im Damensattel" Lithografie Nr. 9 ~ Mappe Turnier "Über die Mauer" Lithografie Nr. 10 ~ Mappe Turnier "Jagdsprung" Lithografie Nr. 11 ~ Mappe Turnier "Fliegender Sprung" Lithografie Nr. 12 ~ Mappe Turnier "Heimwärts" This album was available in three patterns. The exclusive album etchings were made on Japanese paper and stored in the folder of high quality pure linen decorated with skin. The premium album etchings were made on hand-made paper and stored in a linen folder. Etchings of the standard album were made on high-quality cardboard stored in an elegant folder.