Bahnschutz Führer Dolch

TitleDolch für Bahnschutz-Führer
Sketch dated-
SignaturePattern 4.1
Year of adoption1938
SourcesLTC (RET.) Thomas M.Johnson «Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich»

The Railway Protection Police Leader`s Dagger, model 1938: all metal parts of the dagger were covered with silver finish. The grip ended with a spherical pommel decorated with the swastika on the top. The center of the crossguard featured the winged railway wheel insignia of the national railway system. The grip was plastic of dark-purple almost black color. The blade was identical to the Army Dagger. The scabbard metal fittings could be silver-plated or aluminum casting. Fabric hanger stripes featuring alternating black and silver colors fixed with connectors to scabbard rings. The reverse of the hanger was dark-purple almost black. The rectangle buckles were decorated with oak leaves ornament.