Ehrendolch der Kriegsmarine

TitleEhrendolch der Kriegsmarine
Sketch datedUnknown
SignaturePattern 4.1
Year of adoption1938
SourcesLTC (RET.) Thomas M.Johnson «Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich»

Due to the sketch by Casberg that has come to our times we know that he also designed the Naval Honor Dagger that was an exquisite variant of the Naval Standard Officer`s Dagger model 1938. The pommel stylized in the form of the national eagle with folded wings holding a wreath in his talons and was decorated with the swastika encrusted with 17 shallow rose cut diamonds. The grip was always made of ivory, wrapped with a branch of oak leaves with acorns along spiral grooves. The crossguard was void of an anchor ornament; the quillons were void of cut decoration and buttons on the ends. The blade was Damascus, the ricasso was decorated with a raised gold dedication and signature facsimile of the Grand Admiral Räder or Dönitz and the date of presentation. The gold-plated scabbard was adorned with a relief oak leaf motif.