Ehrendolch M1937

TitleEhrendolch für Führer der SA M37
Sketch dated1937
SignaturePattern 4.1
OrganizationSturmAbteilung, SA
Year of adoption1937
PublicationsDer SA-Mann #47/1938
SourcesHonordagger collection, F.J. Stephens, dagger featured Ted Fernyhough

The SA Officer`s Honor Dagger, model 1937 (known as the SA Elite Security Force “Feldherrnhalle” Dagger): the generally accepted version as for the origin of this dagger is considered the necessity to arm selected leaders of the storm-troops` elite subdivision, the standard Feldherrnhalle, with an exclusive dagger. An idea to adopt a new elite weapon for the senior officers of the standard was approved and the next stage was the designing. Negotiations were conducted with the factory Carl Eickhorn that assigned this project to Paul Casberg and the Feldherrnhalle Dagger appeared as a result of the artist`s creativity. The grip was white or brown. The pommel was adorned with the national eagle with downturned wings. The crossguard was decorated with a large SA signet. The metal scabbard had two suspension bands decorated with oak leaf motif. The blade bore the inscription: “Alles für Deutschland” - “Everything for Germany”. The fabric straps of the hanger had gold thread finishing and featured alternating brown and light-brown colors. The hanger was attached to the scabbard rings with connectors and was decorated with round buckles featuring oak leaves motif. The detailed study of photos depicting the owners of this dagger testifies that this dagger was at disposal of some persons who were not directly relevant to the FHH. That`s why the statement that the dagger was the exclusive attribute of only selected leaders of this standard and the guard of the chief of the SA staff seems doubtful. For the present moment the only undeniable fact is that this dagger was in the armament of the SA. For whom exactly it intended as well as the reasons why it belonged to the persons outside the FHH are still to be answered.