Straffsvollzugsbeamte Säbel

Title Prison Administration Official's Sabre
Sketch dated unknown
Signature unknown
Organization Prison Administration
Year of adoption 1936 (?)
Manufacturer C.Eickhorn
Publications unknown
Sources War Relics Forum, user: Gerrit; Lakesidetrader


The design elements of the sabre for high-ranking officials of Prison Administration feature a certain resemblance to some Paul Casberg`s works. Having studied Casberg`s original sketches, it is possible to assume that this sabre or some of its elements were designed by Casberg, despite the fact that the sketch of this sabre was not discovered. The displayed item was produced by Carl Eickhorn. It features a brass silver-plated hilt in the form of a large eagle head, a wrapped black plastic grip, the guard decorated with an eagle, black-painted lacquer scabbard and a hanger made of brown fabric with a golden stitch. This sword is considered one of the best patterns of Third Reich edged weapon.